Saturday, November 2, 2013

Today, the great Hurricane Havana gives the fans a great interview about her catfighting and wrestling experience!

Thank you, Hurricane!


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1. So tell us a little about yourself. Favorite food? Sports team? Place to visit? 

My favorite food is chines, favorite sport would be Volleyball, and  favorite place to visit would be the Bahamas.

2. How did you get started in catfighting?

I started in Catfighting after I was approached to do wrestling for steel kittens in 1998

3. What companies have you worked for?

I have worked for to many company's to count.

4. What's the least amount of rules you have used when filming a catfight?

just one no face slapping

5. What is your favorite catfight move to do to an opponent?

I don't have on specific cat fight move

6.  How do people react when they hear you catfight for money?

Only my fans know I catfight.

7. Have you ever been in a catfight in your everyday life like at a bar or party? The more details the better.

I have only been in one fight out side of work and I tore the girls nose off for trying to stab my brother.

8. What is the wildest fight ever proposed to you?

Haven't had one yet

9. Have you ever done an unfilmed catfight for money? Would you?

Yes and Yes

10. Anyone you would like to do a competitive rules catfight with? Maybe someone from your everyday life?

I have no one in mind

11. Are you nervous before a fight?

Always nervous if your not then your not real.

12. Anything else you would like to add?

My Story:
I was born in the small town of Guanavacoa, Cuba which is very close to Havana. I know: I don't look "Cuban". Many people think that to be a Cuban or other Hisapanic, that you have to look "Mexican". This is totally not correct. Many Hispanics are blonde haired, red heads, and have all sorts of different eye colors. Hispanics with blood that is more Spanish tend to have a variety of looks. Many appear to be your standard European. I had to add this info because people can be totally ignorant about other cultures and you can't even begin to imagine what they say to me!

My family was very poor. My mother worked in the sugar cane fields and my father worked in a dairy farm. Life in Cuba was very bad under the Castro regime. All that we had was considered to be the property of the government - even the fruit from the trees we had in our yards. The Cuban Government would arrest you if you were to eat any of the fruit or use State owned beaches. All these amenities were for the Government and tourists. Food was rationed and we were told what to eat, when to eat it and how much we could eat. We could not wear shoes. If you were to buy shoes, then you were not allowed to buy underwear. The Government regulated every facet of our lives. We didn't have bathrooms in our houses. We had to use public co-ed bathrooms and showers where several families (men and women together) would use the toilet and shower without any privacy whatsoever. 

Coming to the United States when I was around six years old was the greatest thing to happen to me at that time. We settled in Miami, Florida as do almost all Cuban immigrants. Florida offered much more to us than Cuba and it was there that we began to settle in as new Resident Aliens. My family stayed in Florida for a few years and then we moved to Southern California where I am residing still.

Life in Southern California was no better than Florida. My family was still very poor and life was generally difficult. There was a time when I was sixteen years old and I had to hold down three jobs to support my large family. One was at a nationally known pizza delivery company; another was at a nationally known hot dog restaurant; and the third was a major super market chain. I worked very hard to survive because that is the way I was brought up. Hard work has always been a way of life for me and I am not afraid of it. I bring that work ethic to my wrestling and modeling career. 

I was nineteen years old when I met the love of my life, who was soon to become my husband, my soul mate, my lover. We were married and settled in Southern California. I realized another dream and became an American citizen just nine days before my wedding!! I am the only American citizen in my family. 

I had always wanted to become a model, but because of my difficult life, the opportunities were just not there. Now that I was married, things began to change. I gave birth to two gorgeous children. One girl and one boy. My husband and I feel that our family is now complete. 

I decided to get involved in modeling after my second child was born. I went through several agencies and I was not at all satisfied. I decided to become a freelance model and started getting work. I remained a freelance model for about two years and then started working with my current manager. 

I am a very dependable, lovable, bubbly woman with a childlike streak in me. I am playful and easy to work with because I have so much to be thankful for. The modeling experience is my greatest dream and I give all my employers their money's worth not only in my work, but in my dependability and my attitude. I always show up to work. I am almost always on time if not early. I do not use drugs of any kind. I do not smoke and I very rarely drink. I am very much into a healthy lifestyle and work out at the gym regularly for my own good and also to keep myself looking good for my career.

One day, I was approached by a small wrestling company and asked if I would be interested in pro style wrestling. The thought never crossed my mind, but as with so many other things in my life, I started to think about it and soon became very much interested in the idea of pro wrestling! I went to the company and received some training whch proved to be a lot of fun in and of itself. A few days later we shot seven wrestling videos and it was a BLAST!!!! I have never enjoyed anything more in my life! It was such a rush to be doing supplexes, power bombs, back breakers, and so many other wrestling holds. I immediately knew I had found something I truly wanted to do!

I continued my training and I am still training as often as I can. I started my training at the School of Hard Knocks. Even though I was trained at the School of Hard Knocks, I was not trained by the owner, Jesse Hernandez.   The majority of my training was by Rudy Luna (EWF Tag Team and American Champion) , however there were other people involved in my training including, but are not limited to, Sue Sexton (former LPWA World Champion),, Black Steel, Krazy K.C.(former EWF World Champion), Steve Masters ( former EWF World Champion), Ricky Reyes (former EWF World Champ, and WF/Ring of Honor Tag Team Champion), Eric Matlock, Bobby Bradley.

I look at wrestling as a way for me to make something of myself and a way to be what and who I want to be. I love the physical nature of wrestling and I realize that it does take brains to do it. I think female wrestling is very hot and I believe more women should wrestle. I have been doing live event wrestling for two years now and have wrestled for many promotions in the U.S. and Mexico. 

I have been involved in many aspects of the promotion I was with besides wrestling.  I have booked shows, organized events, found sponsors, coordinated the wrestlers, done photography and a multitude of other back room tasks. This experience has been very valuable to me since it has helped get me more knowledge and experience across the board with respect to wrestling and how to run a promotion.

I have since left that promotion because I was the only female and because there was no effort being made to find new female wrestlers outside of the promotion, nor was there any effort to recruit new women for the wrestling school. My fans missed seeing me wrestle and my career had been on hold because I have been left without female opponents.  I was not allowed to wrestle men, so I for the most part, was left with no one to wrestle. I now wrestle for promotions across North America and hopefully, one day, over seas. I also work for promotions where I can wrestle men.

My dream now is to start an all female wrestling school so that women can learn to wrestle.  Many times I think women are intimidated at first by the men and this would help bring new wrestlers to the industry.  I am actively seeking out partners and investors so I can make this dream a reality.

I hope this little biography tells you enough about me. I try to speak from my heart and be honest with people. I am very serious about my wrestling and modeling career and I really like to work with people who are serious about working with wrestlers and models in general.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Today we have the first part of an interview with a long time mud wrestling fan. He is a semi-legend in those circles, and I think people will enjoy reading his perspective.

1. What is your favorite type of female combat? Catfight? Mud wrestling? Everything? :)
I would say all types of female and mixed wrestling but more than anything am a huge fan of the whole messy wrestling genre (Mud,oil pudding etc and foxy boxing but in the case of foxy boxing strictly f vs f)
2. What got you started into this?  For me it would have to be  seeing the movie Stripes on tv. I think every guy my age was little bit jealous of John Candy getting to wrestle with Susan Meschner, Linda DuPree ,Leslie Henderson  and Sue Bowser and the two other women in this scene. All 4 of these ladies were true mud wrestlers and worked at the Famous Hollywood  Tropicana. The Tropicana and Angel's which was owned by another former Trop Messy Wrestler, Renee Vicary aka "The California Angel" ,were THE two places in the 80's to go to see the best in female messy wrestling. Meschner and Henderson also wrestled in the famous mud wrestling scene in the fiilm "All the Marbles" aka California Dolls. As mater of fact MIss Meschner was also I believe a Miss California as well as a champion black belt and kick boxer. And you can see that in the film "Stripes' during the mud scene when she takes on John Candy.

3. What is your fondest catfight memory? Several.. seeing the two film scenes I mentioned - seeing messy wrestling on programs like "Real People". I should point out that in St.Louis,MO. where I lived and still do there wasn't much of this around as St.Louis as far as gentlemen's clubs etc and I was too young at the time early teens  so the only way I would see this was on tv and I should also point out this was women wrestling in bathing suits and not topless or nude..And the strange thing about there not being any messy wrestling or boxing at any of the bars is that during the time between the 50's and early 70's St.Louis was one of the premier cities for female wrestling. As a lover of female wrestling I've done a lot of research and discovered there used to be a joke among promoters that if you came to St.Louis and didn't have a female wrestling match on the card you could have a riot on your hands.
Most people also don't know that female wrestling history was made in St.Louis when Penny Banner wrestled in the first interracial pro female wrestling match.There used to be  and I don't know if there still is  a wrestling hall of fame in St.Louis but Banner is in that Hall of Fame but stranger the woman who I consider to be THE female wrestler and the mother of female wrestling as well as the first REAL female mud wrestler, Mildred Burke is not in this hall of fame. For younger people Burke was the Moolah or Trish Stratus of her day. As a matter of fact there wouldn't be a Moolah or Trish Stratus or any other female wrestlers if it wasn't for Mildred Burke. I very much would suggest reading Jeff Leen's book about Burke called "Queen of the Ring" .Excellent book.
Mildred is also important because she owned a training school and one of her pupils was a lady  named Roselyn Royce who later went on to create the video company "Golden Girls" where Misses Bowser and Vicary first got their start wrestling  in vidoes and along with triumph studios (another wrestling company ) basically made stars out of a lot of women who started wrestling in the clubs. Ladies like Cindy "Sugar Ray Renee/Sweet Savage "Yrigollen , Pamela Ward, Belinda Belle, Shelly "The Burbank Bomber " Berg,  Quisha Page, Brandi Downs,  Lisa Buzelli aka "Rowdy Renee" and Connie Sanchez just to name a handful ..I could easily list a dozen more names
Speaking of triumph .I remember  around this time getting some of the wrestling magazines and them having advertisements for triumph and other video companies. I still have one or two of those magazines. another piece of trivia,is that a lot of the well known women in the business worked at triumph in addition to the ones I mentioned there was Kristie Etzold, Jeanee "Hollywood "Basone, Malibu, Sandy White, Diane "K.O. Kaycee" Berry ( and not K.O.Casey as  she is usually called.)and Robin, who now owns Les Femme Fatales.
and finally seeing the video "Blue Ribbon Babes" which I will talk a  little bit more about later.

favorite companies-  This is kind of a tough question to answer because there are a lot of good companies  making videos. Sad to say I've not viewed all of them- Hit the Mat is one that comes to mind whose work looks good but I've never seen a match of theirs. For me I'm really a big fan of the early companies especially the ones who either featured some messy wrestling match or who gave a lot of the women I mentioned earlier their start. So I'll try to cover as many of them as I can.
For me the first company is one I mentioned earlier and that is Triumph studios. Now to my knowledge Triumph only shot 5 messy wrestling matches - one of which was shot at the Hollywood Tropicana and  another one filmed at Osko's which was yet another nightclub that sometimes held mud wrestling matches.I did manage a few years ago to see a mixed oil match filmed by Triumph which was pretty good. As I mentioned before Triumph is one of my favorites because it was the first company to introduce many of the messy wrestlers to those catfight/wrestling fans who didn't live in California and weren't able to go to the clubs.
You must remember female wrestling wasn't as big as it is today and whether anyone wants to admit it or not , I would dare say if it wasn't for these ladies , I don't think female wrestling of any type would be as popular as it is now. They are basically the pioneers of this sport in the modern era especially in reference to video matches. So when people say the style of wrestling they did is silly or unimportant they have no clue as to what they are talking about.. As a matter of fact if you  omit the matches Mildred Burke filmed in her own private ring some of which were messy as yes topless and nude as well. ,Then I believe Cindy, Pamela and Connie are the first  real wrestlers , Triumph used as most of the women at that time who wrestled  were models or porn be filmed in video matches.
As a matter of fact one of the women who worked for Triumph is a woman who  would later go on to wrestle on the tv program G.L.O.W. and that is oh course the "8th wonder of the world" Deanna Booher better known to messy wrestling fans as the female wrestling Icon "Queen Kong" or as she was known on G.L.O.W , "Matilda the Hun". Sadly Truimph for some reason never filmed any of Queenie's mixed matches. However long before G.LO.W , she was featured on the tv program "Real People" and did a mud wrestling movie filmed in London  called "Hellcat Mud Wrestlers " and Queenie as also written her  autobiography which you can get at". I sadly haven't read it yet ,but have heard it' a great book form those who have...
The second company is Golden Girls which continued the tradition started by Triumph but had better camera work in that they used to cameras to film the matches and had better production values.Much like Triumph most of the matches were straight forward ring matches or apartment catfights. Golden Gilrs did do a few messy matches incuding several mud matches with Leslie Henderson as well as  several oil  matches with Sue Bowser vs such opponents as Elsa "Pepper"Shaw and Kim Schreyer who along with her younger sister Denise ,were also Tropicana messy wrestlers. Golden Girls even did several food fights,there were usually pie  and food throwing fight as opposed to say a pit filled with whipped cream or pudding or some other slippery food substance.
The next two companies are Double Trouble and Steel Kittens ,both of which have done tons of videos and over the years have done several f/f as well as mixed wrestling matches. Practically almost every famous female wrestling star as worked for these two companies  and to try to pick which of the two is the better one is impossible. From a messy wrestling stand point  SK has a video  I believe  it's number 44 called "Wet and Wild women" while it is not an oil match it is the closest thing one video we have as far as a messy-type wrestling match between Shelly and Quisha.  .The other match is from DT called "Mud and Destroy" which is a 2 vs 1 mud wrestling match between Sandy and Francesca Le vs a guy named Andrew.
DT and SK both took the improvements Golden Girls made and added better picture quality, tighter editing as well as hiring the world's most beautiful women to wrestle.
I also  have to mention the last of "The Big Three" which is Robin's Les Femme Fatales" -The other two of the "Big 3 " of course is DT and Sk. Robin's videos I like because
most of them I believe are not script which I like as I tend to prefer non-scripted matches. I however have to say in fairness to SK and DT, that sometime I get so caught up in their videos I forget I'm watching a scripted match which of course is a credit to all of the wonderful ladies who wrestle .Lets not forget if it wasn't for them we wouldn't be interested in this much less talking about it.
and without playing favorites I have to mention again 3 Icons in this business. Miss Quisha Page and Miss Kristie Etzold and Hollywood , who shoot their own matches for their own websites. Miss Page who runs and Miss Etzold who shoots videos for her web page-  and Hollywood who shoots for  http://www.hollywouldproductions/ .com all  do work that rivals the work they've done for the big 3 and I might add most of the time surpasses it.
Outside the United States I'd have to say the 3 companies that really impress me are APL, Danube  and FoxyCombat. Danube and FoxyCombat I like because over the years they've done a ton of oil/mud videos far more than any U.S. company has done There work is also non scripted and seems to have a faster pace than most US videos because of it.. They also have a long list of girls that are beautiful and are really good fact too many to name off the top of my head I'd have to say Ingrid,Denise, Kriszta, Timea C. Melanie, and Lucille are some of their best wrestlers as far as  who as worked for DWW.
APL has  turned out a lot of great videos  with not only the pros who are still in the business but with ladies like Mutiny, Goldie Blair, Ariel X (of Ultimate Surrender fame),Cheyenne Jewel, Tori Sinclair and 7 time Miss Nude universe herself, Venus Delight who also has had a long catfighting and wrestling career. I'm not familiar with APL's oil wrestling matches. I've seen one with Dakota who I believe did most of their oil videos.
I should stop at this point and say  that when I judge a company I usually go by the women that work for them, the camera work and the editing. I take a real interest in the camera and editing and the production values  because at one time when I was younger I thought of being a screenwriter and wanting to work in movies, why I didn't would take a whole blog by itself.
So when I judge a company or video I usually judge it as good, fair or poor. I can't really call any company or video I 've seen a perfect video... Well I could (LOL) but then I would be showing a bias.I'll explain what I mean by that in my answer to the next question.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The catfighting world has a lot of people doing many different great things. Here is a producer who continues to grow a company out of what he loves! Enjoy!

1. So tell us a little about yourself. Favorite food? Sports team? Place to visit? 
Greetings and thanks for the opportunity.   My favorite food is without a doubt Pizza.   My favorite sports team is those lovable losers the Chicago Cubs.   Favorite place to visit?  I'm a country boy and don't travel much.  :)

2. How did you get started in producing female fight material?
I've been a fan of the industry since I was 14 or 15 years old.  (I'm going on 34 years of age now).   I think the biggest thing for me that really motivated me was that the stuff I grew up watching on TV was just so incredibly predictable.  I've always loved female wrestling, always found it sexy, and truly feel that in time the girls can outsell the guys. 

3. What's the hardest thing to deal with as a producer?
Females.  :)   As of this moment I'm still very small.   Most of the ladies that work with us don't see and feel the vision as I do.   Most of the ladies we try to recruit see that we are not a Hollywood production and that we are shooting out of our apartment.  
We get a lot of flakes.  We get a lot of girls who say they will do something and then don't.  It's going to be a long road and it's going to be a continual weeding out process until we find the right ladies. 

Of course I could go hog wild and try to get tons of investment, but I feel like if I do my job everyday, answer every email, and keep busting my butt, good things are bound to happen and the ladies that stick with me will obviously be the main beneficiaries of all of that. 

4. What are some wild scenarios you have filmed? Ones that you could not film?
We have done primarily real (competitive) female vs female wrestling.  We have done some female vs female scripted matches and we have done some male vs female competitive and scripted as well though not as much.   Nothing that we really couldn't film at this point.  No extremely wild scenarios just yet.  We just activated the headscissors as of Episode 36 and we had some real hairpulling in Episode 22.  Lots of matches that were supposed to happen that didn't, but I imagine every producer goes through that.

5.  Do you film fight material that is not for release (private fights)?
No, that just seems like a waste of time and money to me personally. 
6. What is your favorite part of a catfight?

We film real female vs female wrestling matches at the FWC, and on rare occasions, maybe a bit more as we go along, we will incorporate some more hairpulling.  As for a catfight, the best part for me, is the girl I like the most winning.  Most of the ladies who tend to get into real catfights are generally very ugly (in my not so humble opinion) so it kinda ruined the interest for me as the years went on.

Of course, the main thing, is dividing reality from fantasy.  The hottest fights are watching those we know go at it, however, most of us with a pulse and heart could never let them go at it for real without breaking it up.  Genuine concern is one factor and social stigma the second. It's a fetish I've still never been able to crack, even after all my years of writing at the Catfight Report and covering the industry inside and out.
If I had to pick a singular part I love the most, in a catfight or wrestling, it is without a doubt a dominating, finishing schoolgirl pin of some sort, though that rarely happens in a catfight.
7. What is the wildest fight ever proposed to you?
Still waiting for that wild proposal.  None that have knocked my socks off that I can speak of openly.
8. What would be your dream video to shoot?
I have a lot of them.  I want to intermingle our girls with female celebrities and model types with large followings.  But, for fun, to pick one, I would like for Maryse (formerly of the WWE) to take on my real life girlfriend Monroe Jamison in a best of 7 fall real female vs female competitive matchup.   If Grassland is helping sponsoring it, maybe we can throw in some hairpulling.  :)

9. Anything else you would like to add?
Come on over and support real female wrestling.  We are the only company I currently know of that has an ongoing storyline that the fans can influence by purchasing custom matches.  They throw rocks in my story plans all the time.  That's fine with me and that's what makes it fun. Personally, I'm working my ass off.  Investment drives matches.   Investment also drives expansion.  Want to see more real female vs female competitive wrestling?   Want to see your favorite girl in the world vs one of our girls?   Want to buy photosets?   Want to Skype with the girls?  Come hither.

10. Is this your career or a hobby?
This isn't no hobby for me.  I'm going for it sink or swim.   I'm looking to be the best and I'm looking to work with the best.  I don't mind a slow crawl.  But, I'm also not afraid to take great big risks. 
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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Just an amazing interview. I know wrestling and catfight fans will love this. Enjoy, and please thank Patti on her FB page.
1. So tell us a little about yourself. Favorite food? Sports team? Place to visit?  
Well I just turned 48. I've been married 27 years. I have one grown son. I've wrestled for way over 25 years, primarily competitive freestyle wrestling but also pro wrestling over the years. I'm 5' 8" tall, I weigh 197 lbs. I was once recruited by a professional power lifting team but I hate how I look when I work with weights too much. I bulk up very quickly and it's not at all feminine muscles, it's just bulky masculine muscles, my son says I look like Sid Vicous in a swimsuit when I have my muscles toned up from working out before fighting or using weight training to loose weight. I'm pretty health oriented. I have literally never smoked, not even a single puff, I've never used drugs of any sort and I've not drank if over 30 years. I did get drunk when I was 17 and I promptly got in a fight and got my ankle broken. I love to eat, grilled out burgers or well prepared steak is my favorite food. I love eating out at Italian restaurants and love Calabash style seafood. I love the ocean and water in general so going to the beach is my favorite place to visit. I love the lake we live near and I'd love to visit England some time.
2. How did you get started in wrestling?
 I was an assistant librarian at a women's college. Part of my compensation included unlimited use of the gym and pool. The school had a women's wrestling team and the girls would be practicing when I was working out and I started playing with them on the mats. Of course I couldn't compete since I wasn't a student but I did begin to wrestle with both the girls here and with other women in sort of an underground wrestling league. It was sort of like "Fight Club" but friendlier. Thru wrestling there I met people who got me more involved in freestyle wrestling and eventually it led to doing so professional wrestling but freestyle is my first love and far different from pro wrestling.
3. What companies have you worked for?
 The competitive wrestling really doesn't involve companies. It's a loose association of women interested in competing. When there's interest we have tournaments but other than video companies who promote and retail videos of the matches there really is not a company per se. With regards to pro wrestling I've worked for independent companies from Mexico to up state New York. The groups I worked for the most would be Lady Victoria's WOW, GLWWA (Great Lakes Women's Wrestling Association) and CLWA (Coastal Ladies Wrestling Association). The others I wrestled for but as a visitor. I'm actually still the GLWWA champion.
4. What's the most competitive fight you have had filmed?
 I fought in the women's part of a tough man competition in West Virginia. I'm not into boxing and this was the only time I fought in something like this. I won my first fight but got TKO'd in the 2nd. This was when Christy Martin was coming up and she fought in the same tournament so if I'd won I eventually would have been KO'd by her and after watching her fight I am certain she would have KO'd me as she did most of her opponents until the latter part of her career when her injuries especially being shot and stabbed by her former husband began to take a toll on her ability to fight. In pro wrestling it's all for fun and entertainment, in competitive wrestling I've only once lost it and traded punches with an opponent but thankfully we regained control of ourselves and were able to finish our match with no more violence and I was lucky enough to win and I think I was winning the fight when we were seperated.
5. What is your favorite wresting move to do to an opponent?
 I'm a big girl and almost always the stronger woman so I like power moves and submission moves. I love suplexes, boston crabs, the camel clutch, the PowerBar which is the only move named for me, moves like that. 
6. How do people react when they hear you wrestle for money?
 People who know me from wrestling obviously aren't suprised. I can't really say anyone's been shocked or anything. I tried to keep it from my family so they act funny about anything to do with wrestling. I can't say there's been any really shocking reaction other than people who know me personally thinking it out of character that I'd be involved in a full contact and sometimes violent sport.
7. Have you ever been in a catfight in your everyday life like at a bar or party? The more details the better. 
I really don't know what you mean by cat fight. If you mean the sort of thing so many women are posting online or selling then NO NEVER. If you mean have I ever been in a real fight then yes I have. In real life it's not like TV or movies. It often includes hospitals, getting arrested, court, utter humiliation, guilt feelings, depression and just lots of bad things. I've been in 6 fights where I was mad enough to want to hurt another woman. One I already mentioned which was during a freestyle match where the woman I was wrestling was loosing and getting madder and madder. Eventually she started digging her nails into me and I had little bloody spots on my arms, my throat and finally my face which made me mad enough to fight her. She felt her conditioning would make me easy prey for her so she was not prepared to be beaten in a competitive wrestling match by a woman who did pro wrestling. This was in November 2011 and I hope will end up being the last time I end up fighting to hurt someone. Going back to 2009 I had a coworker who decided she'd make me her bitch at work. I put up with her mouth then one Friday after work I was waiting for her in our parking lot. She was more mouth than fighter so it wasn't much of a fight. I ended up sitting with her until she stopped crying and was able to drive. I couldn't leave her alone in the parking lot at night. I tried to keep it secret from my husband but I'd busted my knuckles up on her head so he knew as soon as I got home that I'd been fighting. I spent the weekend expecting the cops to show up at my door but she didn't call the police. I did get terminated when I showed up for work the following Monday. Myself and a neighbor got in a fist fight because our 4 year old children weren't playing well together. One moment we were talking then she was screaming at me and then she'd jumped me. We showed our toddlers how stupid adults can act. It was embarassing but thankfully I did not start it. Before I got married my husband's former fiance baited me into fighting her one Saturday when she was at the same public pool I was swimming at. She wouldn't stop running her mouth and eventually I met her behind one of the buildings at the pool but she had a friend waiting for me and I was grabbed from behind and held in a full nelson while I was beaten and kicked until I went down. She had a serious hatred for me and there was no mercy so I ended up drenched in blood. I got my nose broken, bruised ribs, both eyes were black. I needed stitches inside my mouth, above my mouth and up towards my nose. I had to have stitches in my chest and at the time I thought I'd been stabbed, blood was spraying from the wound to my chest. The rescue squad had to be called and I had to go to the ER. Both women were arrested and eventually we had to go to court. Everyone made me out to be the villian for calling the police but I didn't call them and I was the bad guy for going to court against them. I was only 22 (maybe 21 I'm not sure) but I looked like I'd been in a car wreck or something. My nose is still crooked today, I still have scars on my chest and my face and I spent a couple of months very very depressed after the fight. It was not a pleasant experience. Before that I got in a fight while playing tennis with another woman, it started over her getting hit in the face by a ball I'd hit. I fought another woman when I was younger for no real good reason, we just didn't get along and decided to slug it out but I can't even remember now who won or what we were fighting over. I've only lost it one time while wrestling that led to a fight and I've had an woman I was wrestling loose it and want to attack me but thankfully she didn't. Everyone else ran out of the ring including the ref, the owner of the promotion, the camera people, everyone just suddenly vanished. My pride will not allow me to run from a fight so I stood there fully expecting this angry pro wrestler to jump me but she said what she needed to say and we resumed our match. But I've never been in a "catfight" like I see advertised. Wrestling I consider a sport and I don't call it fighting and the times I've fought we were mad and wanted to hurt each other, just not the rolling around tossing our hair around trying to be entertaining. We wanted to knock each other's teeth out and that's what we tried to do.
8. What is the wildest fight ever proposed to you? 
I've had people offer me tons of money to fight nude or topless. I've had people send me scripts that were insane. I've had people request all sorts of penalties or things the looser has to endure to humiliate her. 
9. Have you ever done an unfilmed fight for money? Would you? 
Again when I've had to fight it had nothing to do with money so I can only say I've done it but it was not planned and I hope, sincerely hope that I've been in my last real fight. There simply are no real winners when women turn to violence and I mean real violence, not wrestling and not things women do for entertainment or to make a living.
10. Anyone you would like to do a competitive rules catfight with? Maybe someone from your everyday life? 
 I wrestle and I've been in fights but there's no one I want to fight and again I am not thrilled with the term "catfight". I'll wrestle anyone but there's no one I really want to fight with.
11. Are you nervous before a fight?
 Always. It wouldn't be normal for a girl not to be scared before she's about to fight.
12. Anything else you would like to add? 
Just thanks to all the friends I've made because of wrestling. I wish everyone could know the feeling of having people cheering for them, I wish everyone could know what it's like having people from all over the world wanting to meet them. I wish everyone could know the warm feeling I get from having women who'd fight for me or help me anytime I needed help. For the girls who may read this I wish everyone would learn how to fight and how to defend themselves. There's a pleasant feeling when one knows she can defend herself if she has to. To women with an interest in wrestling I'd say be safe, be careful but have fun also. Work with trained wrestlers, don't enter into any situation that's uncomfortable or doesn't feel right. Rather you're going to wrestle someone or for some reason fight her make sure you know exactly what you're getting into. Someone once sent me 2 Youtube clips of girls fighting. In both the fights only last seconds, in one the looser was knocked out cold by brass knuckles. In the other the looser was drenched in blood after only seconds. It turned out her opponent had her car keys sticking out between her fingers and was trying to blind the other girl by punching her in the face with car keys jamming into her face with each punch. Clearly neither of the girls who lost had any idea of what they were getting into. I don't even know a woman who owns brass knuckles, let alone who would use them against an unsuspecting opponent. So to the women I'd say be careful and be safe. Train well and learn to wrestle and fight from people who know both how to do both but also who are good teachers. Rather you ever fight or wrestle I'd strongly recommend steering clear of tobacco, drugs and alcohol. You'll one day be glad you did. FINALLY DO NOT LET PEOPLE TALK YOU INTO ANYTHING YOU DON'T WANT TO DO. 
Thanks, Patti Powers

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Our next interview is with someone many of us have fantasized about over the years. She is one of the greats in this business, and someone I was very excited to see the interview drop into my inbox.
The great Quisha...


1. So tell us a little about yourself. Favorite food? Sports team? Place to visit? 
I was raised in Sunny Redondo Beach Ca, I had long blonde hair and was a beach bunny and did bikini contests in my younger years. 
I'm a Cat Fighter/Mud Wrestler/Oil Wrestler/Boxer/Model/Dancer/Actress. I wrestle for Quisha Pages Wham Wrestling which stands for
"Womens Hot Action Matches". I love Thai Food and Chinese Food. My favorite sports team is the LA Lakers of course... I really want to take a tour of Europe and the Holy land. I love history and ancient times.  

2. How did you get started in catfighting or wrestling?

I got started Wrestling at the Hollywood Tropicana a Mud and Oil Wrestling Club in Hollywood Ca. We wrestled some very nice guys and fans of ours who came in to see us. The Tropicana was always Packed every night and the girls were big breasted beautiful women who were tough fighters.
I got my first Double Girl Boob slap by two of the hugest sets of boobed girls that work there. I was sitting in a chair and one girl came and stood over my legs and her huge boobs were right in my face and the other girl stood behind me and then they both went for it they smacked me around good my head went from front to back then sideways my eyes were rolling, but I was very happy and liking it, even the black eye I got in the end. They really did a great job on me.
I'm a big boob catfighting women wrestler for life!

3. What companies have you worked for?

Off the top of my head here are just a few company's I loved working for: Hollywood Tropicana Mud and Oil, Golden Girls, Napali, Double Trouble, Triumph Studios, Sabre Studios, Ca Wildcats, Survivor Videos, Amazonian Women, Quisha Page's Wham, Curtis Dupont, APL Video, Steel Kittens, Ca Angels, I am sorry if I didn't say your company's name. There are many others...

4. What's the most competitive or unscripted fight you have had filmed?

When I used to wrestle at the Tropicana we fought unscripted competitive fights every night, we filmed lots of matches but one fight crosses my mind.
We came out wearing sexy men's fantasy out fits and stripped down to sexy bikinis. My outfit was called "Sex Toy" and she was called "Officer Easy"
They filmed us wrestling each other in Oil. She was tough just like me. I almost had to go get my nose fixed after fighting her.
Another tough match I filmed was for Steel Kittens. I wrestled Amber she was bigger then me and tough to bring down. 
My all time tough girl I filmed for Survivor Video her name is Sandy. She knows how to reverse moves and is a very skilled fighter she keeps my guard up.
And I filmed a very talented fighter named Frankie for Wham Wrestling she almost broke my neck when we landing wrong together. That was the only time I saw black. I may be a Pro Wrestler for 30 or more years but this job is very much real. No matter what you may think fans all us Catfighters and Pro Wrestlers we all do get hurt. 
5. What is your favorite catfight or wrestling move to do to an opponent?

I really love them all, but being a Pro Topless Fighter I love to do "boob smothering" and using my nipple in the mouth to make her pass out. 
And of course my all time favorite The sleeper hold. And this move I made up called "The Big Boob Flip" it's the same as flipping her over your shoulder
only you hold onto her big boobs and flip her over your whole body. It's hard to do you have to really help her to flip over you, if you don't no when to stop
and let go she can get hurt. 

6.  How do people react when they hear you catfight or wrestle for money?

When my mom found out she loved it my whole family was supportive. As for my friends they all loved that I am a fighter as well. I have been honest with everyone I ever met and I always got great reactions every time. Some guys girlfriends they sometimes ask me to train them so they can beat up there guys when they get out of hand which I am all for. Some guys would ask me to show them how to do a move they seen on WWF. I'm guessing to feel how fake the move really feels or not. I make them feel the move for sure. Like the sleeper hold I would tighten up on the necks adams apple and they would get pissed and say
"wow that hurts! my whole head turned hot from pushing in my adams apple and you choke that really does work!
 I made true believers out of them that it's not fake. LOL

7. Have you ever been in a catfight in your everyday life like at a bar or party? The more details the better.

This question is a under statement. Hell Yes! Here's a story that happen at the famous Rock Bar The Rainbow in Hollywood Ca.
It wasn't a full cat fight but it was affective. I was walking up the stairs inside the rainbow which was packed with people. I was with a friend and had long blonde hair down past my but, we were maybe standing in the middle of the staircase talking and all of a sudden some one from behind me grabs on to my hair and pulls hard. Lucky I was holding onto the rails but I was mad. I turned around and everyone just kept talking and of course no one seen a thing. I thought ok you guys don't want to tell me who just pulled my hair?  so I just turn around and went about my business. I made it to the 3rd step to the top, and got my hair pulled again I turned around so fast and saw the back of her head and a crowded staircase packed with people. I lifted my boot up balancing on one leg in the step and
did a karate kick right between the shoulder blade of the girl who pulled my hair. I kick harder then I wanted to and she went flying down into all the people who on the stairs who saw nothing and they all went tumbling down the steps together. It was crash and burn all the way down. I forgot about the glass cigarette machine at the bottom of the stairs which yep they shattered it and all the smokes went rolling out on top of them.. I thought I had better run for my life but I just stood there as everyone got up and raided the machine hiding the packs of smokes on them then they walked away. When I got outside some were hanging  around and asked to shake my hand saying great right kick! and thanks for the smokes. One guy took a picture with me and I signed it he wanted it for his ice box at home, I never saw that girl's face she just vanished.  

8. What is the wildest fight ever proposed to you?

Questions are getting exciting now! you know how some crazy guys can be when your on  tour with women wrestlers? I was in Canada, after I wrestled I went back to the tour bus which 2 guys followed me, they waited until I came out of the bus and blocked me from going back in. I had to walk backwards as they where telling me what they wanted to do. They asked me to join them in a nasty rolling around wrestling match that was so vivid it was a proposal I was never going to do. I just kept walking backward saying yeah, right, wow, really, cool and kept backing up the whole time until I reached the corner then I took off running around the club to the front door, when they ran up behind me I was standing there with 2 huge bouncers who grabbed them and gave them a big scare. I ended up with the bouncers and the girls inside the club telling them the story and having a good laugh. That was pretty wild to me. 

9. Have you ever done an unfilmed fight for money? Would you?

No, I don't think I have. I want my fans to see every fight I am in why miss out on a really great fight it could make history so I would want everyone to be able
to watch it..

10. Anyone you would like to do a competitive rules fight with? Maybe someone from your everyday life?

Yes My Boyfriend/Manager, he is a big guy he need's to get worked over. I've tried to film a fight with him twice he said he would but he passed the buck both times. I will fight him someday and he will win, just hope he don't hurt me to much. LOL

11. Are you nervous before a fight?

No,  never have been. There's no reason to be nervous if I ever felt that way i would practice allot more then normal and build up my skills until I'm confident.

12. Anything else you would like to add?

Thanks everyone who has seen my work and those who are about to. I take pride in what I do. I try my hardest to give you The Top of The Line best in Womens Topless Wresting and Catfighting. I love what I do for a living wrestling is my life and my fans are the very best I could ever have. They have supported me every since I stepped one
foot into the ring and they are still with me now. I wrestle for them and they support me more then ever. They are the reason I am still wrestling today. 
I want to give a shout out to all my close fans some of them are in my Facebook and some are in my Yahoo Wham Group. You guys know who you all are.
I hope I can keep on Cat Fighting and Pro Wrestling and entertaining you all for many years to come love you guys!!!. 
I love to hear from you all so please keep on emailing me it makes me want to work harder for you and do more great matches.
Come visit my website  Quisha Page's Wham at: and 
We are the best in Pro Topless Female Wrestling These beautiful sexy breasted women fight using all your favorite moves and holds and put there hot body's on the line for your entertainment.  
Thank You So Much
Quisha Page OOXX  

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Today, our interview is with the owner of Female Wrestling Rooms. They have been creating great content for amany different fans over the years. 
How did you get started in producing female fight material?
 I've been a fan as far back as I can remember and when the internet came around I thought it would be cool to see if I could do my own thing. I hired 2 girls, took some posed photos of them fighting/wrestling/boxing and started Fem Wrestling Rooms in 2006.

What's the hardest thing to deal with as a producer?  
Trying to stay clear of the drama and give great customer service.

What are some wild scenarios you have filmed? Ones that you could not film?
  In my opinion EVERYTHING is wild :) I love the variety of what I shoot because I rely heavily on custom scripts from fans. Ones that I couldn't film? Scenarios where people will request videos that contain a TINY bit of wrestling but are mainly about things like foot fetishes, necromania, bondage, etc. Not my thing.

Do you film fight material that is not for release (private fights)?
 No. The main reason I got into this business is that I want to share EVERYTHING I film or photograph.

What is your favorite part of a catfight?  
The look on the girl's face when she knows she's being beaten. My favorite hold is the headscissors and that look of "I'm trapped ... in a kinda weird way!" is cool :)

What is the wildest fight ever proposed to you? 
 If you don't mind me discussing mixed wrestling, I've got a site on Clips4Sale that features me vs girls. It's really pretty silly because of my size and age ... and what I wear (speedo/boots/mask). But for some reason the videos sell like crazy! I don't ever have the girls go beyond topless and we keep it pretty clean other than the occasional groping, lol. But one person wanted a custom video where one of the girls beat me up then actually bared my "thingy" and gave me a forced ..... let's say "happy ending" :)  I guess my price was too high because he never wrote back :(

What would be your dream video to shoot? 
I would love to capture the essence of a completely innocent girl who's never been in the ring suddenly realizing that her opponent is an experienced wrestler. The tougher girl completely dominates the innocent girl, not allowing her to escape the ring. I've tried to capture that in photos and in many of my videos but haven't managed to capture the reality of the idea.

Anything else you would like to add?  
Just that I totally love every minute of what I'm doing. I've become successful enough to go full time at it and am in the process of building a brand new high tech website that will be amazing! I also definitely need to add that if it weren't for my local models, and all the travelling models I've worked with, Fem Wrestling Rooms wouldn't exist! I care about them like they were all daughters .... no, let's say nieces ... I don't want to be that old! lol

 Is this your career or a hobby? 

Monday, August 12, 2013

Today we talk with a very experienced catfighter, Briella Jaden.  I know first hand how much she likes to fight and how tough she is. Enjoy!

I have all of my sites in the above links

Briella Jaden

1. So tell us a little about yourself. Favorite food? Sports team? Place to visit? 

My favorite food is sushi. I love to visit NYC and my hometown of Cleveland to visit my family.

2. How did you get started in catfighting?
I did a couple shoots and did really well at it, so more and more companies began contacting me. I also do custom videos that I produce myself.

3. What companies have you worked for?

Bout time studios, Albany catfight angels, capital city catfights, and lots of others.

4. What's the least amount of rules you have used when filming a catfight?
Just to go with whatever feels right.

5. What is your favorite catfight move to do to an opponent?
I like to use my legs so I am great at scissor holds, and I also like the school girl move.

6.  How do people react when they hear you catfight for money?

I have never had anyone say anything disapproving. They normally think its pretty cool.

7. Have you ever been in a catfight in your everyday life like at a bar or party? The more details the better.

Yes with my sister in law. Or should I say ex sister in law. I just couldn't get along with her, and when someone runs their mouth I love to be the one to make them shut it. I have never lost a fight to her, and usually win my catfight matches too. Of course their are times when you get tired, but when you have real animosity towards someone then you won't lose. Adrenaline kicks in, and you win. I wouldn't be surprised if theres more of those to come now that the chick cheated on my brother. We will have to see!
8. What is the wildest fight ever proposed to you?
To fight in mud, or pudding. Things like that.

9. Have you ever done an unfilmed catfight for money? Would you?

  I would yes. I havent done so yet.

10. Anyone you would like to do a competitive rules catfight with? Maybe someone from your everyday life?
Anyone who wants to bring it. I am always game for a good catfight.

11. Are you nervous before a fight?

Not really. I know theres only two outcomes. You win or lose. I am a pretty tough competitor though so I am never nervous.

12. Anything else you would like to add?
I am just a competitive, aggressive southern girl with some pep in her step!