Thursday, August 1, 2013

Our next interview is with the incredibly sexy Safa Warda. Just imagining her looking through that window waiting for a woman to arrive and fight her... Great stuff. She does mixed, sessions and video work. And please check out who 20% of her clients are! Wow.

Thank you so much, Safa. 

1. So tell us a little about yourself. Favorite food? Sports team? Place to visit? 
My favorite food believe it or not is broccoli casserole. Favorite place to visit would be Paris, France hands down there is so much to see there it would take a person a  lifetime. 

2. How did you get started in catfighting?
I started cat fighting with Leather and Lace a few years ago after filming a scissor video scissor vixens.
3. What companies have you worked for?
I've worked for a lot of companies a few of them ( but these are not all) include Leather and Lace, Fantasy Fight League, Iron Bells, Brutal Beauties, Fetish Dreams by Safa ( of coarse) Scissor Vixens, and MWU Videos .

4. What's the most competitive catfight you have had filmed?
 The most competitive would be for MWU videos against Leena Sky what a fight!!! I'd so love to do her again lol.

5. What is your favorite catfight move to do to an opponent?
My favorite move in a catfight would be smothering just as it is with men.

6.  How do people react when they hear you catfight for money?
 I am a sadistic creature;)Some people are judgmental some aren't that is the world we live in. Most people including the women love the fact I do it and are generally proud of me. In which truly gives me strength as well as motivation to keep going. For the women who cannot and love it due to life issues or struggles.

7. Have you ever been in a catfight in your everyday life like at a bar or party? The more details the better.
I've been in too many catfights in life to count or choose one to discuss lets just say I've never lost as far as street fighting is concerned;)

8. What is the wildest fight ever proposed to you?
The wildest fight ever proposed hasn't happened yet! However I am waiting for it. 

9. Have you ever done an unfilmed catfight for money? Would you?
I've done many un filmed catfights 20% of my session clients are women.
10. Anyone you would like to do a competitive rules catfight with? Maybe someone from your everyday life?
As far as someone to have a competitive catfight with from my choice would be a second fight with Leena Sky. It was sooo good! I just cant help but to want another! 

11. Are you nervous before a fight?
I am always nervous before fighting I am no different in that aspect to anyone. It's the adrenaline, mystery and unconquered endeavors that keep us alive and fighting is just that. 

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